Tuesday, May 20, 2008

in progress : one-d

Playing around with atmospheres today. Trying 
to find the character of the setting. I say character 
because I see the environment of a painting to have
the biggest influence on a piece's mood. To me, the
spaces created act sort of like a soundtrack to a film.

As this is just the 3rd or 4th layer, and the first 
to actually start and define the context of the work,
I am considering, primarily, the loose compositional
elements of this corner. The way they interact with 
each other as well as their reaction to light. Taking 
note of the motion and direction these decisions can 
suggest to the overall piece. 

While these things may take on forms that become 
something resonant (is that the right word? concrete 
maybe?), for now it is focusing on the vertebrae of these 
forms and their affect on the other forms around them 
that matters.


Saratoga Sake said...

great to see you on blogger, watch out it's really addicting!

Back said...

That's great, I'm curious what that forms are going to be...