Saturday, May 17, 2008

in progress : one-b

Here's a few more shots.  I am working in acrylic at this stage, which 
I sometimes do, and sometimes don't, depending. Depending on what?
I don't know, just whatever feels good at the time. Sometimes working 
in acrylic feels like I am hitting the reset button on oils, sort of like 
cleaning out whatever remains from the canvas before. Other times,
I would want to stay with what happened before, that feeling. And I'll
just start with oils. Or I just wouldn't want to deal with the lack of
friction that acrylic has. 

At this stage, I will probably hit it with some glazes to buy myself 
some time on/with the canvas where it is at now, while also preparing 
the piece to move to oils maybe. Not sure. 


Lorie Lopez said...

Very cool of you to show us some steps in your work. You inspire many, like me to keep working with our ideals. Many times I've wanted to give up and I haven't thanks to you and other great artists as well. Much respect.

David said...

great stuff . wonderful to see.

Back said...

This is great! Do you find this character like you could find it in clouds or tasks? As I understand, you're going to work with glazes with acrylics, this is amazing because I always seen your works like it was brushed in the "fresh"?
Anyhow this is really interesting, thank you to share it.

Anonymous said...

It's really interesting to see these develop. I can't imagine doing something like this with a song, "Here's my first draft of a chorus, here's my original first verse, here's the really autobiographical part I probably shouldn't show my friends, etc..,"

But with your painting its a treat to see it develop.